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Granted, one game is not enough to indict a referee, but if he’s done it for four straight seasons, an investigation is required.Last year in Detroit, Morelli called 14 penalties against the Eagles, for 112 yards.Mike Lombardi is a regular guest on my radio show, and I have tortured him after every Eagles win for his premature indictment of Pederson.Repeatedly, Lombardi – normally one of the most astute and entertaining analysts in the national media – has kept warning me not to fall in love too fast. Tweeting during last Thursday night’s game, he said: “Eagles are amazing on 3rd and ten plus all year.

When I asked Eagles coach Doug Pederson on Friday about the imbalance in calls, he said it was just another hurdle his team had to overcome.It was the first time in NFL history that a crew flagged one team for over 120 yards and the other for under 10 in the same game. There were 10 penalties called against Philadelphia, one against Carolina.The stat sheet shows that Morelli assessed the Eagles a total of 126 yards, and the Panthers one. In a brutally physical game, the Panthers were charged with no holds, no personal fouls, no blocks in the back, nothing.Then I mentioned how upset the fans were about Morelli.“I’m not surprised,” he said, with an approving chuckle.

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