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Frank really personifies what a gracious innkeeper should be like - a friend to all.

Colonel Howe, who led the men of Sudbury in 1775, has a true successor in Frank.

To each member it probably has a different meaning -- to some it's a parade, to some a march, some members like guns, many hate them, to some the historical aspects are most important, to some history is a big bore.

What has held this group together this long is anyone's guess, but we feel that most would allow that the willingness of each to render to each other member the right to be a member on his term without insisting upon consensus or orthodoxy is no small part of the reason.

The big question of 1977 will be does anyone here remember names like Ezekiel Howe, Deacon Haynes, John Nixon, Isaac Loker -- would you like to re-enact their march to the North Bridge and maybe gain some insight into what it was like to start a revolution?

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If you read on you will ’learn’ that the Sudbury Militia did not arrive until about 2 in the afternoon barely in time for the fighting at Merriam's corner -- don't you believe it.

For this to be true 358 men would have had to leave Sudbury between 5 and 6 A. and take between 8 and 9 hours to cover a distance which we traverse in 2 1/2 hours. K., the time objections weren't valid but Sudbury missed being on time because the river was in the way.

A list of the men who ’stood in’ as Colonel: The following collection of bits and pieces are what we call an ’Unauthorized and unofficial history of the Sudbury Companies of Militia and Minute.’ We present them thus for a particular reason.

Because our group has over the years kept the tradition of being non-structured -- there can be no closed-form, ’official history.’ In each of the 11 years that we have marched there have been an average of -- say 200 marchers -- the march is about 4 hours long so there have been 105,600 man-hours spent in creating memories of fun and camaraderie -- only fools could think that these could be known by two or ten or even a hundred.

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