Quest profile updating utility

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Mary Sues primarily reflect their players' own wishes and insecurities.

This questionnaire attempts to assess how many "Mary Sue" traits your character has.

This label is also used for resources that discuss Easter eggs.

A list of commonly used euphemisms and what they mean. Many players object to this behavior, especially when these euphemisms are used on the gweth channels.)This article distinguishes between roll-playing (gaining experience, finding treasure, etc.) vs.

There is also an active community of contributors on the forum.

An amazing utility that tells you which titles you can now use and what you need for unavailable titles.

We provide quality entertainment through song, dance and theatre.

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You can also tell the calculator about special items you own (horses, boats, etc.) and how many warrants you have.Characters involved with Zeal should have a strong desire to better their own fighting ability in the game and shouldn't be afraid of fighting whenever challenged.(Through in depth testing and analysis we are able to create a collective knowledge base with regard to game systems as they pertain to Pv P interactions.The Order also protects the freedom of all Elanthians through its defense team, triage services, and tactical seminars.The Tavern Troupe is a group of Elanthian friends who enjoy partying and performing together.

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