Pretty people dating

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I tell people what I want and I've had enough experiences to say I've earned the right to know what I want and be selective instead of the whole "as long as they're alive" approach.

So, please, in your opinion, do you think the beautiful people can only be with the beautiful people?

Managing director of Beautiful Greg Hodge says that they are just following the site's users' wishes, as they are apparently tired of going on nights out surrounded by people they don't consider pretty enough.

But what drives me nuts is that people keep telling me I've got no chance of finding love with someone who is hot or hotter than me. If you're not perfect in looks, you don't deserve anything hot?"The way we see it, money can be attractive too, so on a discretionary basis we may make exceptions for certain high net-worth individuals.“ The bar, with bauble-like swing-chairs, Swarovksi chandeliers, curved banquettes and ornate mirrors hanging on feature walls, will have a resident hair and make-up artist – free for members – to provide all-night touch-ups in the powder room.If you're looking for a perfect 10, but you aren't a perfect 10, you have to offer something that makes up for the difference and puts you in the same league.So, no, I don't think beautiful people only end up with beautiful people.

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