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Or more likely, it is some brainless troll trying to gain more kudos for his ramblings, as he tries to impersonate, a man who deceased some 55 years ago.Here we find a true exponent of Fake News, a man dismissive of the sterling charitable works carried out by all the Masons within the three home Constitutions and a fascist revisionist trying to deny the truth about the Holocaust.If you have any doubts on the horrors inflicted on Freemasons by Mussolini and Hitler, then I would highly recommend a visit to the Pietre-Stones Review of Masonry website where you can look up a comprehensive historical article entitled “The Annihilation of Freemasonry”, written in 1940 by Sven G Lunden and published in the American Mercury Magazine Volume LII No 206 dated February 1941.

The rulers of the day, took the view that it was better not to respond and so this worthy Brother did not get the support and credit that he was entitled to.

Brethren the first item of interest in respect of the above letter, is the fact that the alledged writer, the Reverend Walton Hanna, Passed to The Grand Lodge Above in February 1966.

I was absolutely stunned, on reading the contents of this letter, that it seems our dearly departed Brother, has managed to return and comment on another letter published in the Belfast Telegraph earlier in the month of February 2018.

Then our Most Wor Grand Master convened the annual election of Officers.

On this occasion, Alan Patterson, who was unable to attend on the day, was appointed the new Chairman, William Morrow, was elected Vice Chair and Treasurer and Secretary were both re-elected.

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