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Rather than set up house in Hollywood, they instead settled in Brooklyn.Ledger raked leaves with neighbors and skateboarded around town in his familiar pink ski hat; Williams shopped for art for Matilda’s nursery and threw fund-raisers for a local antidevelopment group.Insiders reveal to Vanity Fair details about their last days as a couple.Like so many handsome, talented stars who die young, Heath Ledger has become the subject of great attention and speculation since his untimely passing in 2008 at the age of 28.Her family is getting her through this.” Investigators are still awaiting the results of toxicology tests that should show if any of the prescription sleeping aids and antianxiety pills found in Ledger’s apartment were a factor in his death.But many who spent time with him in the last months of his life paint a portrait of man whose demons drove him away from the family he loved and into a lonely, nomadic life of insomnia, casual affairs and, according to several sources, serious drug use.

“Things had obviously changed,” says a source who saw them around that time when they stayed at L. “They would come out to the patio early in the evening and sit together.

Last summer, the pair of low-key movie stars happily snapped pictures of then-1-year-old Matilda as she was fitted for her first pair of shoes: Mary Janes with tiny Velcro straps.

“She was curious about what was on her feet, and she was holding on to the benches to stand up,” recalls salesman Bobby Moscovici.

“And Heath and Michelle were just so happy and proud.” For a pair who dreaded the red carpet, making memories like those in Brooklyn made it all worthwhile.

“We have a very, very sweet life there,” Michelle Williams told PEOPLE in 2005.

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