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she asked me what kind of thingss, cause she really didnt want anything to mess up her relationship cause they were really into each other and she cared about him alott. aftr a moment of thinking about it, I then stood up and I told her to stand up too and after she did that I told her to get on her knees.she didnt do it at first but then I told her that if she doesnt want her bf to find out what I found, to get on her knees.they were surprised when she took off her clothes, but they didnt seem to mind.aftr she finshed taking off her clothes and stood their in the nude, I told her and the guys, that she is going to serve us, in whatever way that I want her too, that it will be alott of fun.she then hesitantly did what I said, with some coaxing from my hand.

knowing that although she doesnt want to, that she will do it anyways.

after calling her at her apt, I made sure she was by herself, and then I asked if I could come over.

when I got their I wasnt sure what to say so I just showed her what I found.

Im happy to say that Ive been blackmailing my friends wife for oral sex over the last 2 years, over stuff that I found out about her back when they were first going out.

These were thingss of a sexual nature, that if found out about, would have caused alott of problems for her in the relationship, and she electd not to tell him.

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