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In algebraic terms, a² b² = c² where c is the hypotenuse while a and b are the legs of the triangle.The theorem is of fundamental importance in Euclidean Geometry where it serves as a basis for the definition of distance between two points.A thorough search of the literature in multiple electronic databases was undertaken, and all articles were included that reported clinical trials; had adult participants; tested the effectiveness and/or efficacy of osteopathic manual therapies applied by osteopaths, and had a study condition of CNSLBP.

Elsewhere, osteopaths are non-medically qualified alternative practitioners.In the UK, they are regulated by statute, in other counties not.And as to the “wide range of conditions”, I am not aware of any disease or symptom for which the evidence is convincing.There were thus only two studies assessing the effectiveness of manual therapies applied by osteopaths in adult patients with CNSLBP.The results of one trial suggested that the osteopathic intervention was similar in effect to a sham intervention, and the other implies equivalence of effect between osteopathic intervention, exercise and physiotherapy.

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