Dwp backdating rules

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People can be eligible for it whether they are in or out of work.The weekly rate is either £55.65 or £83.10 depending on people’s needs.This should speed up the decision on the mobility component and ensure you don’t have to complete another form.If you do qualify for this separately, you don’t have to wait for the three month qualifying period for it.You don’t have to wait for the three-month qualifying period to get Personal Independence Payment (PIP).You’ll automatically qualify for the enhanced rate of the PIP daily living component.

The DWP said they don’t believe people will be entitled to claim compensation.

If your doctor or nurse hasn’t talked with you about how long you might live for, you can still ask them about supporting your claim under the special rules.

If you live longer than six months following the claim, you can carry on claiming under the special rules.

We asked the DWP for confirmation and they said some people previously given a score of zero will see that figure change. All the claims will be looked at again but from what people have already told the government, to avoid another stressful assessment process.

Nobody will have to go in person to justify why they need the benefit, James said.

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