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A major social skill is being able to focus outward.Take a look at this how to overcome shyness article: How to Stop Being Shy Rapport is a state of understanding or connection that occurs in a good social interaction. Rapport occurs on an unconscious level, and when it happens between two people you can see it because, the language, speech patterns, body movement and posture of the two people seem to mirror and match.Good initial small-talk is often characterized by discussion of subjects not personal to either party, or by an exchanging of personal views in a balanced way.Immediately describing your deepest desires and darkest fears to a stranger may freak them out.But aren’t some people just naturally blessed with good social skills and easy smooth conversation?

) leads to a feeling of getting to know each other.

A major part of social anxiety is self consciousness, which is greatly alleviated by focusing strongly on someone else.

A fascination (even if forced at first) with another's conversation not only increases your comfort levels, it makes them feel interesting.

Hayley Quinn specialises in teaching you conversation Skills, Create Deep Connection with people.

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