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Acropolis fortifications also remain and the ruins of two churches, a gatehouse, and keep built by Thoros I in the twelve century. Nephelium/Nephelion is located in the area of modern day Muzkent about 38km WNW of Anemurium on the coast at the foot of Mount Cragus.Nephelium is mentioned by Ptolemy and in the Stadiasmus maris magni.Pliny the Elder mentions the city as Mopsos in 5.22.It was named thus also by Stephanus of Byzantium and the Christian geographers.Its pirate past ended with Pompey’s victory in the first century BC and the take over by Antiochis IV.Initial occupation appears to have occurred in the Classical and Hellenistic periods followed by a surge of activity in these Roman periods.It was rebuilt by Justin I in the 6th century and was thus renamed Justinopolis.

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Its name ‘Cragum’ comes from its position on the Cragus mountain overlooking the coast.It split from the Roman Empire in 395 AD and received some development during the time of Julian the Apostate.Construction included large bridges, roads, government buildings and irrigation systems which allowed Adana to function more securely as an important trade centre.It was at one point the seat of a bishopric atthe council of Calchedon in 451 AD.And finally to the most important site, well to me because this is where my dig is.

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